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Gourmet Peanuts & Popcorn Seasonings

sea salt peanuts

Extra large Virginia peanuts cooked in peanut oil, lightly dusted with all natural sea salt. Enjoy the crunchiness with just enough salt to satisfy your cravings! 12 oz tin.
gourmet peanut squares spices

2nd Place Scovie Award! Gourmet Peanut Squares 12 oz. Imagine this: Old-fashioned peanut squares, sweet from the sugar, salty from the nuts, and with the added fire of Chesapeake Bay Style Seafood Seasoning.
virgina peanuts spices

Extra large gourmet Virginia peanuts cooked in peanut oil and seasoned with spicy Chesapeake Bay Style Seafood Seasoning. Perfect for those moments when you crave a steamed . 12 oz.
honey toffee peanuts seasonings

We've taken extra large Virginia peanuts and blanketed them in crisp honey-toffee coating spiked with our signature spicy seasoning. A deliciously addictive snack. 12 oz tin.
barnacles blue crab bay

A spicy, mouthwatering snack mix made with Crab House Nuts, oat bran sticks, pumpkin seeds, cheddar whales, tomato pasta spirals, and other goodies, all seasoned with Chesapeake Bay Style Seafood Seasoning.
hand cooked peanuts
Hand Cooked Virginia Peanuts
Lightly Salted

Distinctively unique and different ... And unbelievably crisp. The Peanut Shop Homestyle Virginia Peanut has become the standard by which all fine peanuts are judged. Plump, meaty Virginia peanuts are cooked in golden peanut oil with no additives and no preservatives to alter the natural goodness of these jumbos. Salted . 1o.5 oz. Tin
Hot Habanero Chile Pepper Nuts
Hot Habanero Chile Pepper Nuts

Hot! Hot! Hot! Super extra-large Virginia Peanuts, handcooked and covered with our ""hotter than hell" seasonings. 10.5 oz. Tin
Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Nuts
Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Nuts

The sea salt and pepper nuts are a perfect combinatio. Absolutely addictive! 10.5 oz. Tin
Bacon & Cheddar Nuts
Bacon & Cheddar Nuts

You had me at BACON. 10.5 oz. Tin
yin and yang peanuts
Honey Mustard Nuts

Honey Mustard Nuts. 10.5oz Tin
smoky chipotle peanuts
Smoky Chipotle Peanuts

Smoky Chipotle Peanuts 10 oz Tin
butter toffee peanuts
Butter Toffee Peanuts

Crispy toffee coated nuts--sometimes called a French roast, this delicious treat has been a favorite of our customers for years. 11.5oz Tin
peanut crunch
Peanut Crunch

Bite-size chunks of old fashioned peanut candy – crunchy golden peanuts smothered in light syrup with the perfect touch of sweetness added!. 10.5oz Tin
honey roasted peanuts
Honey Roasted Peanuts

At last ... a Honey Roasted Peanut fine enough to be called our own. Each batch is perfectly coated with pure honey and a dash of salt. Our Honey Roasted Peanuts will become a favorite of yours ... fast! 11oz Tin
spicy peanuts
New Orleans Style Spicy Peanuts

Our famous Handcooked Virginia Peanuts seasoned with a secret jazzed-up blend of spices created exclusively for us by the New Orleans School of Cooking. There's just no better way to sample the flavors of the French Quarter. 10.5 oz. tin
old fashioned peanut brittle
Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle

The best way is still the old-fashioned hand-pulled way, slowly cooked in copper kettles. Peanut Brittle is truly an all-time favorite taste treat for family and friends. 10oz
southern hot peanuts
Hot Southern Jalapeno Nuts

Temptingly seasoned with Jalapeno, onion, and garlic, these are a spice lovers dream. When offered first at the Williamsburg Shop location, they became an instant hit! Offered in our traditional gold tins or freshing packed in a Magnolia gift tin. Go ahead, take a bit! 10.5 oz Tin
Cashews ( Salted )

We cook fine Indian cashews in peanut oil. India provides the perfect balance of nature for the world's finest cashew harvest. And naturally, we process these handpicked nuts with the utmost care. Crisp, firm, meaty, Indian cashews are always the connoisseur's choice. 10.5oz. Tin
cheese popcorn seasoning
Cheese Popcorn Seasoning

Sour Creme & Onion | Zesty Nacho | Cheddar Blend | Theatre Salt
butter popcorn seasoning
Butter Popcorn Seasoning

Buttery Herbs & Jalapeno | Butter Salt | Theatre Salt | Buttery Toffee

Popcorn Seasonings 4 Popcorn Butters provide flavors to please every popcorn lover.
Honey Toasted Cashews
Honey Toasted Cashews

The best just got better! Crisp, firm Indian Cashews now drenched in nature's finest honey and toasted to perfection. The crunchy glaze adds rich flavor to these crisp nuts. Enjoy! 7oz. Tin
gourmet popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn
& Peanuts
Specialty peanuts and popcorn
Specialty peanuts and popcorn


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