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Chocolate Pecan Turtle Coffee

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Chocolate Pecan Turtle Coffee

Chocolate Pecan Turtle Coffee

combination of toasted pecans, sweet caramel and smooth dark chocolate coffee
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Pecan Sticky Buns Flavored Coffee

delicious pecan, cinnamon and caramel coffee

Sticky buns are a dessert or breakfast pastry that generally consist of rolled pieces of leavened dough - sometimes containing brown sugar or cinnamon - which are then compressed together to form a kind of flat loaf corresponding to the size of the baking pan. Before the dough is placed in the pan, the latter is lined with the "sticky" ingredients like maple syrup, honey (or both), as well as nuts and perhaps more sugar and sometimes butter. After the buns are baked, they are inverted so that the pan lining then becomes a topping.
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Cook's Corner Coffee Roasters - Roasting Gourmet Coffee In Small Batches Since 1990

We fresh roast and then air cool only 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans and use premium coffee flavorings for our gourmet flavored coffees.

Gourmet Coffees are roasted and packaged to order in a heat sealed foil gusseted one-way degassing valve bag with a tin tie reclosure. Taste the difference of fresh roasted quality gourmet coffee beans.

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Over 100 Flavors Available
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