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Gourmet Sea Salt

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Fleur De Del Flower Salt Salt French Sea Salt
Fleur De Sel - Flower of Salt

All Natural, Kosher Accepted by many chefs as the best finishing salt in the world. This is truly one of the best organic sea salts. This requires the Plaudiers (salt rakers) to use only wooden tools to gather the salts. Use as a finishing salt on roasted vegetables and grilled meat. Fleur De Sel Sea Salt flavor is best when used at the end of the cooking process or in finishing a dish. Great on all meat and seafood! Other uses: Try on pasta, salads, baked potatoes or eggs and potatoes at breakfast. 1.25oz
Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine and Coarse

All Natural, Koshe. Himalayan Pink is salt prized in the gourmet world for its extremely varied and unique trace mineral content, adding to this salt’s nutritional value and flavor profile. Since this salt is higher in purity and mineral content than traditional table salt, Himalayan Pink salt is the perfect salt to replace chemically processed salts at your table. The salt’s vivid pink color is also a result of the trace elements in the salt, including energy-rich iron. These naturally present minerals are essential for human health, and can be readily absorbed through bathing therapies or culinary use. Himalayan salt has long been praised for its healing benefits; and is known for stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, helping to reduce acid reflux, lowering blood pressure, and removing toxins. 10oz. - $7.99 / 3oz. 2.99
Sea Gris Grey Sea Salt Celtic Salt
Sel Gris - Grey Sea Salt
a.k.a. Grey Salt or Celtic Salt

All Natural, Kosher. Sel Gris a.k.a. Grey Salt or Celtic Salt - Grey salt has a unique color that makes this a truly beautiful salt. Grey salt from the prestigious salt ponds of Guérande France are completely natural and unrefined. The exceptional French clay in these ponds adds valuable minerals and nutrients that add to both the nutritional value and flavor of these fine salts. Sel Gris Grey Salt is perfect upgrade from ordinary table salt. 2oz
Hawaiian Sea Salt
Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt - Fine & Coarse

All Natural, Kosher. Traditionally Hawaiians use Alaea salt in ceremonies to cleanse, purify and bless tools and canoes, as well, in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. Alaea is the traditional Hawaiian table salt used to season and preserve. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay (Alaea) enriches the salt with Iron-Oxide. Savor a unique and pleasant flavor while roasting or grilling meats. It is the traditional and authentic seasoning for native Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua Pig, Hawaiian Jerky and Poke. Great for Kalua Pig, Prime Rib and Pork Loin. Uses: Finishing, salads, meats, seafood, sauces and soup.10oz. - $9.99 / 2oz. 2.99
alderwood smoked sea salt
Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt

A new breed of natural smoked salt, this Pacific Sea Salt is slow smoked over real alderwood, giving it an authentic, clean smoke flavor. Alderwood smoked sea salt is a 100 % natural way to add authentic smoked flavor with no strange aftertaste. No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are added. Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt combines traditional Alderwood flavor with sea salt to create a most unique and beautiful spice to use in any of your favorite recipes. Try on Salmon, red meat, creamy pasta dishes & baked potatoes Once referring to the Puget Sound, the name Alderwood comes from the Native American Indians- the first to inhabit the great Pacific Northwest. Northwest Red Alderwood has been used to smoke salmon and other meats for hundreds and hundreds of years, making it a true Northwest tradition. 1.5 oz.
hawaiian sea salt
Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

FINE - Hawaiian Sea Salt has a stunning black color and silky texture. Solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is combined with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt. Uses:, finishing, salads, meats, seafood. 2oz.
hawaiian sea salt
Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Applewood Smoked Salt is a flaky sea salt that is naturally smoked over real applewood from the Yakima Valley in Washington. Aged applewood is one of the most popular fruit woods used in smoking. Applewood smoked sea salt has a subtle fruit wood flavor that is mild enough to use with fish, shellfish, and poultry. Pork, sausage, ham, and bacon are also delicious when cooked or cured with this smoked salt. 1.5oz.
Hickory Smoked Salt
Hickory Smoked Salt

Hickory Smoked Salt is created when delicate Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Hickory hard wood. The resulting smoke flavor is full and clean without the bitterness. There are no artificial flavors added. Hickory smoke is synonymous with southern cooking. Hickory smoked salt works magic with ribs, burgers, red meat, turkey, and chicken. 1.5 oz.
jalapeno sea Salt
Jalapeno Pepper Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
Chipotle Pepper sea salt
Chipotle Pepper Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
Lemon sea Salt
Lemon Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
sriracha hot sea salt
Sriracha HOT Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
ghost pepper sea salt
Ghost Pepper HOT Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
venom sea salt
Venom HOT Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
bali sea Salt
Bali Sea Salt

2 oz.
espresso sea salt
Espresso Sea Salt

1.5 oz.
thai ginger sea salt
Thai Ginger Sea Salt

1.5 oz.
spanish rosemary sea salt
Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

1.5 oz.
black truffle sea salt
Black Truffle Sea Salt

1 oz.
porcini mushroom sea salt
Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
chardonnay oak smoked sea salt
Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt

1.25 oz.
roasted garlic sea salt
Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

1.5 oz.
green chili sea salt
Green Chili Sea Salt

1.5 oz.
pure ocean sea salt
Pure Ocean Sea Salt

Fine, Coarse and Flake - Pure Ocean quite is possibly the best tasting sea salt in the world! Completely unrefined, the natural minerals add subtle nuances of flavor that make this sea salt superior. Pure Ocean is simply solar evaporated ocean water with no additives of any kind. Pure Ocean is pure flavor. Visualize the crisp blue waters, warm sun and gentle winds that naturally produce this premium sea salt. Pure Ocean sea salts are Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. The Orthodox Union is the world's largest and most respected kosher certification agency. The fine is perfect for baking, cooking & seasoning & the coarse is Specially sized for use in salt mills. 6oz. $3.99
gourmet sea salt
Gourmet Sea Salts

Organic Fleur De Sel Sea Salt
French Grey Sel Gris - Celtic Salt
Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt
Hawaiian Sea Salt
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Hickory Smoked Salt
Applewood Smoked
Pure Ocean Sea Salt
Flake Finishing Salt

Gourmet Sea Salt Guide

Sea salt
manufacturers of sea salt typically do not refine sea salt as much as other kinds of processed salt, so it still contains natural traces of other minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine. Proponents of sea salt rave about its bright, pure, clean flavor, and about the subtleties lent to it by these other trace minerals. Some of the most common sources for sea salt include the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean (particularly in France, on the coast of Brittany). Sea salt is thought to be healthier and more flavorful than traditional table salt.

Salt in Food

Salt serves many purposes in relation to food. Humans and other animals have an inherent taste for this essential nutrient. Salt is the world's oldest known food additive. People use many types of sodium chloride in food processing, cooking or at the table, both at home or in restaurants. Besides contributing a basic salty taste, salt brings out natural flavors and makes foods acceptable, protects food safety by retarding the growth of spoilage microorganisms, gives proper texture to processed foods, serves as a control agent to regulate the rate of fermentation in food processing strengthens gluten in bread, provides the color, aroma and appearance consumers expect and is used to create the gel necessary to process meats and sausages. As a result, more heavily processed foods usually contain more sodium and salt. Many countries' food labeling regulations include sodium. The world's great chefs appreciate salt's many culinary benefits, including surprising applications like salt in desserts. Salt should be part of every family's food storage program. Beyond nutrition, people use sodium chloride for several necessary functions in food processing and cooking, including: Preservative, Texture Aid, Binder, Fermentation Control

Finishing Salt Finishing salts are considered the premier varieties in the world of Specialty salts. They are harvested generally by hand in Special areas around the world and are known for their unique textures. The various finishing salt textures usually either moist crystals or delicate flakes provide a strong crunch and dissolve quickly, giving you a burst of clean, mild salty flavor with each bite. These salts bring out the depth of natural flavors of any dish, and also add to a beautiful tableside presentation. The various colors and flakes of finishing salts make gorgeous garnishes for every meal.

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