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Dark Roasted Coffees

dark roasted coffees
Organic Golden Sunrise Espresso Roast

This morning eye-opener is a medium-dark roasted organic espresso coffee that produces a nice rich golden crema. Its low acid and robust flavor makes a great cup of coffee with a french press coffee maker or drip coffee maker.
Dark Roast House Blend

Great tasting cup of coffee with a little more punch than our regular House Blend.
French Roast

A vibrant full-bodied coffee with an intense robust flavor and aroma.
Italian Espresso Roast
Our espresso roast has strong, earthy, sweet rich flavor with a pungent aroma and chocolate undertones.
Mexican Velvet Roast

dark roasted coffee, rich, hardy flavor with nutty undertones and a creamy smooth finish
Organic New Guinea Dark Roast

Energetic, bold, smooth and flavorful with light sweet finish. Our Dark Roast New Guinea and our Full City Roasted New Guinea Coffee and are among our best selling gourmet coffees.
El Salvador Coffee
Shade Grown Rainforest Alliance Coffee

El Salvador coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil, tropical climate, high altitude and in the shade. Our small batch Full City + roasted El Salvador coffee produces a smooth rich cup, sweet finish and a wonderful aroma. The balance between the acidity and body is perfect.
Peruvian Coffee - Rainforest Alliance Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Organic Peruvian coffee beans fresh roasted to Light French roast to produce a well rounded remarkable cup of coffee. Medium body, pleasant acidity, smooth richness and mild sweet flavor..
Sumatra Dark Roast

A dark roast that doesn't bite. Our strong flavored Sumatra dark roast has a rich, heavy body, very low acid and caramel/chocolate undertones. Double brew to make a rich and smooth iced coffee.
gourmet coffee
Dark Roasted Coffee
fresh roasted coffee beans
Cook's Corner Coffee Roasters - Roasting Gourmet Coffee In Small Batches Since 1990

Gourmet Coffees are roasted and packaged to order in a heat sealed foil gusseted one-way degassing valve bag with a tin tie reclosure. Taste the difference of fresh roasted quality gourmet coffee beans.
Roasting coffee transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee. The roasting process is integral to producing a savory cup of coffee. Coffee beans from different places have distinctive characteristics such as flavor, caffeine content, body or mouth feel, and acidity.