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silicone pie crust shield SILICONE PIE BIRD, RED

Allows steam to escape from your pies. Place in the middle of your pies to keep them crisp and tasty. Prevents bubbles and boiling over. Measures 4"/10cm tall. Silicone is high heat resistant to 480°F/250°C. FDA approved. Dishwasher safe. #3261

$4.59 available in store only
pastry blender Grip-EZ Pastry Blender

With this Deluxe Pastry Blender, the process of making a pie crust is as easy as making the pie filling. Designed for right and left hand use. Grip-EZ handle allows for a stronger grip and prevents hand fatigue. Non-slip, ergonomic santoprene handle. Heavy duty stainless steel. Unique design cuts through butter and shortening easily. Hand washing recommended. #3245

$6.99 available in store only
pastry roller Pastry / Pizza Roller

The perfect 2-in-1 tool for pie, cookie and pizza dough. The large roller, 4.25"/11cm, smoothly rolls out dough and easily achieves the exact consistency, thickness, width and length. The small roller, 2.5"/6cm, makes it easy to fill in dough to the edges and ensure uniform depth around the inner rim of the pan. Also ideal to crush nuts, crackers, cookies and bread crumbs. Stainless steel rods balance the wood rollers. Hand wash. 2.5" and 4" rollers. #3077

$3.99 available in store only
pastry lattic cutter PIE TOP / PASTRY LATTICE CUTTER

Make a perfect lattice pie top easily! No more cutting strips of dough and weaving them together. Roll lattice cutter over a flat piece of pastry, left to right, then the the other way, top to bottom. Made of heavy duty plastic. Measures 8"'/20cm long and 5"/13cm wide. Hand washing recommended. #3255

$8.99 available in store only
pastry crimper cutter sealer Pastry Crimer / Cutter / Sealer

Crimp ans seal pies, turnovers, ravioli and tarts by rolling around edges of dough. Slotted metal wheel with a solid wood handle. 7"/18cm long and crimper 2.25"/5.5cm Hand washing recommende. #3248

$3.99 available in store only
pie crust shield Pie Crust Shield

Fits up to a 10"/25.5cm pie pan. Fits frozen and homemade pies. Can be used in a traditional and convection ovens. Adjustable and reusable. Aluminum 5 piece set. Made in USA. Hand washing recommended #3270

. $2.99 available in store only
silicone pie crust shield Silicone Pie Crust Shields - 5PCS

Adjustable - fits pies 9"-12"/23cm-30.5cm. Place on top of pie crust before baking, leave on pie throughout cooking time. Allows pie to rise in middle. Prevents spillage and protects pie crust from burning. Silicone 5 piece set is heat resistant to 450°F/235°C. Won't stain or absorb odors. FDA approved. Dishwasher safe. #3275

$6.99 available in store only
Stainless Steel Cream Horn Cases , 6 PCS

Do you really want to impress your friends and family - Tasty pastry horns filled with sweet of savory little bits are sure to work. Simply wrap the horn with pastry, bake and fill. Let you imagination guide you. Each measures 4.25"/11cm length by 1.5"/4cm diameter Made of stainless steel. Use sweet or savory fillings. Dishwasher safe. #3661

$4.99 available in store only
ravioli pastry cutter Grip-EZ Ravioli and Pastry Cutter

7", non-stick santoprene handle with stainless steel. Pastry wheel, sometimes called pastry cutter, makes cutting shapes fast and easy. Making homemade ravioli will be a snap with a ravioli cutter wheel. #112

$6.59  available in store only

Versatile stainless steel scraper with built in measuring guide. Chop and divide dough of rolls and loaves, measure and cut pasta and pastry dough. Even cut brownies, scrape your counters and more. Non-slip handle is easy to grip for extra control. Measures 6"x4"/15cm x 10cm. Dishwasher safe. #583

$6.99 available in store only
chopper scraper Chopper and Scrapper

Stainless steel scraper with built in measuring guide. Chop and divide dough for rolls and loaves, measure and cut pasta and pastry dough. Even cut brownies, scrape your counters and more. Measures 6"x4". Dishwasher safe. #577

Cannoli Forms
S/S Cannoli Forms Set of 4.

A good cannoli are those made at home and with Norpro cannoli forms this has never been easier. Simply cut a 5" circle of dough, wrap it around a tube and drop it in the oil. Once cooled, the tube is removed to add filling. Made of stainless steel. Measures 5.75"/14.5cm. Dishwasher Safe. #3660

$4.99 available in store only
silicon grip oven Piggy Wiggy Silicone Grip

Silicone grip Piggy grip protects you when handling hot items. Heat resistant 400F / 204C #78555

$4.59 available in store only
oven pull Kitch Devil Oven Pull

Safely bring hot items into reach with ease. Just hook this cute little devil onto the dish’s edge, or the oven rack itself, and pull. If your culinary creation needs a little more time, use the Devil Oven Pull to push it back into place. Heat resistant silicone up to 280C/536F #26346

$3.59 available in store only
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