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meat tenderizer
Meat Tenderizer

The tenderizer will improve the texture and the taste of poultry, fish or beef, while also hastening the marinating and cooking time. Measures 7.5"/19cm height by 2"/5cm diameter. Has 24 stainless steel prongs. Heavy duty spring action mechanism controls action precisely. #7032

$8.59  available in store only
Adjustable Hamburger Press
Adjustable Hamburger Press

Press uniform patties quickly and easily. Press measures 4.5"/11.5cm diameter 1/3 lb, 4" patty, 1/2" thick and 1/4 lb, 4" patty, 3/8" thick. Press patties on parchment paper for easy transfer to grill or freezer. Apply pressure to adjust thickness. Uniform patties cook evenly. #507

$3.99 available in store only
panini press
Panini Press

Perfect trattoria-style Italian panini sandwiches. You'll enjoy the best Monte Cristo and tuna melts you've ever tasted. Cut cooking time in half by grilling both sides at once using our Nonstick Grilling Pan. Ideal for steaks, burgers and chicken. Heat quickly and grills evenly. Enamel cast iron nonstick. #963

$19.99 available in store only
meat hammer tenderizer

10"/25.5cm Use spiked surface to tenderize meats. Use flat surface to pound meat into uniform thickness and promote even cooking. The handle has a patented shape, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly for right or left hand use. Oversize handle and finger indents give a great hold without strain and keeps hands clear of the tool's functional surface.Item #165

$12.99 available in store only
meat hammer tenderizer

Use spiked surface to tenderize meats or flat surface to pound meat into uniform thickness and promote even cooking. Made of cast aluminum. . Dishwasher safe. Item #153

$12.99 available in store only
poultry lifters
Grip-EZ Poultry Lifters

Get a firm grip on your holiday turkey with this pair of Poultry Lifters. Sized to handle the biggest of birds, the lifters have wide-set stainless steel prongs and comfortable, 10-in. Soft, non-slip, easy-grip handles 18-lb. #845

$16.00 available in store only

Slotted spatula that is strong, flexible and durable nylon. With an angled beveled edge and curved design, it slides under and flips food easily. Ergonomic handle with thumb grip. High heat resistant to 460F/240C. Each measures 12"/30.5cm long. 4 colors, red, blue, orange and green. #98

$4.59 available in store only
oven pull Kitch Devil Oven Pull

Safely bring hot items into reach with ease. Just hook this cute little devil onto the dish’s edge, or the oven rack itself, and pull. If your culinary creation needs a little more time, use the Devil Oven Pull to push it back into place. Heat resistant silicone up to 280C/536F #26346

$3.59 available in store only
silicon oven grip Piggy Wiggy Silicone Grip

Silicone grip Piggy grip protects you when handling hot items. Heat resistant 400F / 204C #78555

$4.59 available in store only
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Kitchen Gadgets
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