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rub with love by tom touglas

Rub with Love Grilled Chicken

Serves 4
4 tablespoons Rub with Love Chicken Spice Rub
1 three pound chicken, cut into parts
1 cup your favorite bbq sauce, or as needed


Fire up the grill for medium heat.
Pat spice rub evenly over both sides of the chicken parts.

Grill over indirect medium heat, with the grill covered, turning the chicken parts as needed until cooked through and the internal temperature of the chicken is 165°F, about 40 to 45 minutes.
Watch carefully so sugars in rub do not burn, moving chicken to a cooler part of the grill if necessary.
Brush chicken with BBQ Sauce and continue to grill on both sides a few more minutes. Remove from the grill and serve.

Rub with Love Spice Rubs by Tom Douglas

turkey rub
Turkey Rub

Here is a terrific blend to spice up your holiday turkey, use as a brine or add to the gravy... 3.5 oz.

Each jar lid has a recipe describing 2 different cooking methods. In our home cooking, we grill, bake, barbecue and sauté with these products, so you should too! These rubs are gluten free, and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or MSG.


Rub with Love Turkey Rub for Brine

The purpose of brining a turkey is to help retain moisture when cooked. The sugar in the brine also contributes to a golden brown skin, and the salt seasons the bird inside and out. However, the flavor of the spices in the rub is more subtle when used in a brine than when patted on the exterior of the bird.

For Brine:

1 jar "Rub with Love" Turkey Rub
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup kosher salt
1 fresh or fully thawed turkey* up to 16 pounds.

To make the brine, add the rub, sugar, salt and one gallon of cold water in a large container - whisk to dissolve. Place your turkey in a large, deep, non-reactive container or in a turkey - sized plastic brining bag set in a container. Add the brine and refrigerate overnight. When you are ready to roast the turkey, remove from brine and discard the brine. Pat turkey dry and cook as desired.

*Use a turkey with no added ingredients. Do not use a pre-basted or Kosher turkey for brining because these already contain added salt.

**Depending on the shape of your container, or if you are sing a larger turkey, you may have to add more water to be sure the turkey is fully submerged, or double the recipe.

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