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Vanilla, the most popular flavor in the world, originated in Mexico. Brought to Europe about 1520 by the explorer Cortez, it was first used only in conjunction with cacao beans in a drink called Chocolatl. Since 1602 it has been enjoyed as a flavor by itself.

Vanilla beans, grown mainly in Madagascar and Indonesia, are only fruit-bearing orchids now known. Each flower, open only one day a year, must be hand pollinated to produce a pod which requires a labor intensive 3-6 month curing process to develop full flavor. About 5 pounds of harvested pods produce only one pound of cured pods.

Vanilla Extracts & Vanilla Beans

vanilla beans
3 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Vanilla beans have a rich sweet flavor and it is a great flavoring for chocolate, coffee, ice cream, cakes, cookies & fruit desserts. Surprisingly, a small amount of Vanilla is good rich dishes such as lobster or veal. Preparations: Cut bean lengthwise, scrape out the dark, pulpy inside and add to recipe. Store the remainder of the bean pod in a glass jar with sugar. This will store the beans and supply vanilla flavored sugar. Use the sugar in any recipe, or as a sweetener for hot beverages.



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