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char crust

Classic Use - Grilling or Broiling

1. Dredge (completely cover all sides) any meat of fish with Char Crust dry rub seasoning. Be generous and pat or rub to coat evenly all over.
2. For best results with low-fat meats or fish, we suggest that you drizzle or spritz a little oil or non-stick oil spray on the surface of the already-seasoned protein. This provides a protective buffer on the surface of the spices and creates a sizzling Char Crust. If using a well-marbled cut of beef, or cooking on a George Foreman style grill, you can skip this step.
3. Using a preheated broiler (top rack) or very hot grill, sear both sides of the protein. Then cook to desired preference. For juiciest results, do not pierce meat or press down hard on it.

Classic Use - Roasting

1. Preheat oven to highest temperature (500 degrees or higher is best).
2. Follow Steps 1 and 2 from Grilling and Broiling above.
3. Place roast in roasting pan that allows some space all around the roast. Place into oven and allow to cook for 15 minutes. Then turn temperature down to your desired roasting temperature (350 degrees is a common choice). Continue cooking until desired temperature is reached.

Note: Char Crust dry rub seasoning does not change your normal cooking times, so if you are using a favorite recipe and adding Char Crust dry rub to it, simply follow your recipe.

Sprinkle Use - Broil, bake, grill or saute

Works eSpecially well for vegetables!
1. Drizzle clean vegetables with oil, then toss well to coat.
2. Sprinkle to taste with Char Crust dry rub seasoning, then toss again
3. Broil, bake, grill, or saute as usual.
4. Serve to rave reviews!
Note: You can also sprinkle Char Crust on fresh steamed veggies. After cooking, toss veggies with a little butter or oil, then sprinkle with Char Crust dry rub to taste, and toss again..

Easy - Sweet and Smoky BBQ Pulled Pork with Smoky BBQ Rub

2lb Pork
3 tbsp of Smoky BBQ Rub
1 tbsp of brown sugar
2-3 tbsp Olive Oil

We recommend Bone Suckin Sauce ( warm slightly ) to add before serving

Brush olive oil onto pork. Combine dry ingredients and rub into pork.

Place into a re-sealable bag, covered glass dish or pan and marinate overnight in refrigerator.

Heat grill to 225 degees and place a small aluminum pan the grill ( flame side ) and fill it halfway with water to keep pork moist.

Brush the grill grates with oil.

Place the pork over indirect heat. Grill for 2 - 2/12 hours.

Center should be about 170 degrees. Let pork stand for about  ten minutes after you remove it from the grill.

Shred the pork into pieces with two forks and serve with sauce.

Char Crust Rubs Seals in the Juices!

Char Crust dry rub seasonings create a sizzling seared crust, bursting with juicy flavor. You can use Char Crust dry rub on any meat or fish, even vegetables. Char Crust is made in small batches with only the best herbs and spices. Char Crust dry rub is one of very few certified kosher rubs on the market. Most of our dry rubs have moderate amounts of sodium, and one is actually low sodium. Our dry rubs are so fast and easy to use, with delicious results. Simply rub any meat, fish, or vegetable, then cook. Char Crust does the rest. Char Crust dry rubs are full of flavor, they have lower sodium than most dry rubs, almost no carbs, and no fat. Enjoy rich, delicious food, made fresh in your kitchen in minutes.

char crust all american barbecue rub
All American Barbeque

Everything you love about barbecue is here: molasses from Memphis, tangy tomato from Kansas, mustard, pepper, and vinegar from the Carolinas; and a wisp of smoke and chipotle from Texas. More than infatuation, this is true barbecue love! Lip-smacking good on ribs, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and if you like ketchup on your eggs, try a sprinkle of All American Barbecue instead. 4oz


char crust roasted peppercorn rub
Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

Our best seller! Savory roasted garlic and fresh cracked peppercorns make music in your mouth. With the added lilt of Worcestershire and lavender from the fields of France - this symphonic sensation will create a crescendo of flavor with steak, fish (eSpecially salmon), lamb, roasted potatoes, and vegetables. 4oz


char crust original hickory grilled rub
Original Hickory Grilled

Rich, hickory grilled char crust. This classy companion to your favorite steak is the original used at Al Farber's legendary steakhouse. Enhances the natural flavor without overwhelming. Delicious on boneless/skinless chicken breast, tuna steaks, and your favorite vegetables. 4 oz


char crust amazin cajun rub
Amazin' Cajun

Spicy..sweet..seductive. Amazin Cajun Char Crust.. just like Louisiana herself. Enjoy this jazzy blend of piquant cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, and a melange of other Mardi Gras flavors. Bring the sublime heat of New Orleans to catfish, chicken, shrimp, and let yourself be seduced! Try some on Vegetables. 4oz.


Char Crust Hickory Molasses
Hickory & Molasses

Deep, rich molasses. Not too sweet. Tangoes on your tongue with naturally hickory grilled flavor. Pair the award winning twosome with pork, chicken, turkey, even green beans for smoky, low fat flavor. 4oz.


Char Crust Southwest Chipotle
Southwest Chipotle

You inhale the heady aroma. Take your first bite: smoky, rich, almost sweet... then BANG! The kick of ancho and chipotle chiles from New Mexico leaves no doubt that this is the taste of the real southwest. The flavor and fragrance will fill your palate and warm your tongue. Have a fiesta with pork, chicken, shrimp, beef, etc. Ole! 4oz


Char Crust Roto Roast
Roto Roast Rub

This one-step, all-purpose roasting rub brings the warm taste of european farmhouse cooking into your kitchen. Hungarian and spanish paprika, french rosemary, italian basil... with 12 other herbs and spices. Helps meat brown faster for juicy results. Perfect on poultry, prime rib, potatoes, and garlic. Note: Although Roto Roast Seals In The Juices, it does not create the usual Char Crust effect. Rather, it is more like a gourmet seasoned salt. 4oz.


Char Crust Ginger Teriyaki
Ginger Teriyaki

Savor the harmony and balance of sweet teriyaki and fragrant shoga (ginger). Renowned for centuries for its tingly flavor and mythic love-enhancing qualities, ginger lends exotic dimension to this modern teriyaki interpretation. Most auspicious ( and delicious!) on chicken, shrimp, and steak. 4oz.


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