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Flavored Green Tea

flavored green teas

Acai Berry Rasapberry

Sencha green tea, safflowers , natural acai berry and raspberry flavor.
Apricot Green Tea

China green tea with a fresh fruity apricot flavor. green tea, apple pieces, natural apricot flavor, sunflower petals and apricot pieces. Makes a terrific natually sweet iced tea
Pomegranate Green Tea

Sweet and tart, antioxidant - rich Pomegranate and China Green Tea has a refreshing flavor and airy finish that will tease the taste buds if you find find enough for at least one more round.
Tropical Mango Green Tea

The strong flavor and aroma of fresh sweet Mango and Citrus fruit will bring a little paradise to you. You will love making tropical mango iced tea. China greentea, marigolds, lemon peel, mango bits, safflowers, mango and citrus flavors. Try adding a splash of vodka and a dash of sugar for refreshing tropical green tea cocktail.
Peach Lemonade Flavored Green Tea

Pan fired green tea, lemongrass, safflowers, peach pieces, peach and lemon flavor.
Mandarin Orange Tea

China green tea with a fresh madarin orange flavor. A zesty tea hotot iced. Green Tea, natural mandarin orange flavor and orange peels
Green Earl Grey Sencha

Fresh Chinese green sencha tea, with the distinctive citrus and zesty flavor and aroma of bergamot. Green Earl Grey Tea is sweet, delicious and refreshing, with all the health benefits of green tea.

Green Tea Mint Chai

Green Tea Mint Chai is a and spicy blend of spice trade classics, green tea leaves and aromatic peppermint. It makes a wonderfully flavored and unique Chai tea latte when infused strong and served sweet with honey and steamed milk. Green teas, cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint, ginger,
Wild Strawberry Green Tea

an intense wild strawberry flavored tea that is oustanding as an iced tea, just add a pinch of sugar
Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea

A blend organic green teas and organic peppermint leaves - refreshing and soothing, hot or chilled
Chamomile Lemon Green Tea

China green tea with chamomile flowers. chrysanthemum and lemon. A comfort tea with a smooth flavor and refreshing taste.
Sweet Tonic #22

Blend of Yerba Mate, China Green Tea, Green Rooibos, Lemon Myrtle. Yerba Mate reduces fatigue, nervous depression, improves mental clarity and acts as a natural hunger suppressor. Mate contains quercetin and is said to aid in the relief of allergies, asthma and hay fever. Rooibos is rich in Vitamins and minerals including antioxidants, flavanoids and Vitamin C. Rooibos has soothing effects on headaches, irritability, stress, disturbed sleeping patterns and digestive problems. Lemon Myrtle contains citral and citronella and is known to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and have anti inflammatory action. Lemon Myrtle can also help fight off colds and the flu.

papper tea filter

100 LARGE Tea Filters

$4.99 :
flavored green teas

Flavored Green Tea

Acai Berry Raspberry
Apricot Green Tea
Tropical Mango Green Tea
Mandarin Orange
Peach Mango
Pomegranate Green Tea
Earl Green Tea
Green Tea Mint Chai
Moroccan Mint
Peach Lemonade Green Tea
Chamomile Lemon
Wild Strawberry

Sweet Tonic #22

specialty tea

Loose Tea Brewing Basket

Loose Tea Brewing Basket

$9.99 :

honey spoon

Honey Spoon

$3.29 :

glass teapot

42oz Glass Teapot

$35.00 :

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