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Busha Browne's

Traditional Jamaican Cookery: Busha Browne's Authentic Sauces, Jellies and condiments utilize the great variety of exotic fresh Jamaican fruits and vegetables found on our island. All natural, healthy, spicy and delicious. Prepared and bottled in small batches as they were 200 years ago, these award winning artisanal products reflect the authentic heritage of Jamaican more

jerk seasoning
Authentic JERK Seasoning

An Authentic Jamaican seasoning blend of herbs and spices to create a 'Hot' marinade.  Used prudently with pork, chicken or fish - even fruits and vegetables prior to grilling, this seasoning will provide a stimulating flavour and an absolutely irresistible aroma. Busha Browne jamaican jerk seasonging is easily integrated with cheeses, biscuits, crackers, hors d'oeuvres and more. All natural, Sodium free, No preservatives, Fresh vegetables and spices.

Authentic JERK Seasoning - $ 5.99 - Qty:
spicy jerk sauce
Spicy Jerk Sauce

The quintessential taste of Jamaica - a hot, exotic blend of herbs and spices. To be used in the preparation of meats, poultry or seafood prior to grilling. A small amount provides a subtle addition for stews and gravies. This unique formulation can be used as marinade before cooking, added during cooking, or served at the table. Each of the collection of spicy sauces is superlative in it's own way. Busha Browne's Original Spicy Jerk Sauce. An aged sauce of prestige, this sinful blend of mangoes, raisins, onions, tamarinds, peppers and spices, adds a curiously delightful flavour to casseroles, stews , meats, poultry and seafood dishes.

Spicy Jerk Sauce - $ 6.99 - Qty:
pukka hot pepper sauce
Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce

Not for the fainthearted, Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce is the ultimate sauce for devotees of wickedly hot food. Made from fragrant fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, this sauce has stamina and an outstanding and an flavour. No pepper fanatic should be without it. "Good, of high quality, real, genuine" are meanings for Pukka, [pronounced 'puck-kah']. Busha Browne Pukka Hot Pepper sauce is available in a 5oz. bottle. We're happy that more and more people, both here and abroad, are discovering the gourmet and versatile excellence of Busha Browne's splendid original Sauces. Health Index All natural, Low Sodium, No preservatives, Fresh vegetables and spice

Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce - $ 5.99 - Qty:
spicy hot pepper sherry
Spicy & Hot Pepper Sherry

For the discerning palate, Busha Browne's Spicy & Hot Pepper Sherry is the supreme embellishment to add a magical taste to soups, seafood bisques and savoury drinks such as Bullshots and Bloody Marys. Ideal in the preparation of stir fry dishes, this traditional Pepper Sherry has numerous applications in both classic and fusion menus. Sweet sherry infused with Scotch Bonnet Peppers. As an addition, Busha Browne's Hot Pepper Sherry gives a dish an interesting new character. Blended with chives, watercress, steamed callaloo, dilweed, parsley, this sauce served with cold fish, shellfish or vegetables, give an absolute joy to the palate.

Spicy & Hot Pepper Sherry - $ 8.99 - Qty:
spicy planters steak sauce
Spicy Planters Steak Sauce

Busha Browne's Planters Steak Sauce is an authentic, piquant Jamaican table sauce aged in wooden casks. Planters sauce contributes the perfect distinctive spicy flavor to grilled meats and burgers (whether beef, turkey or soy), this doyen of sauces also transforms casseroles, stews and enhances all meat, fowl and seafood dishes. An aged sauce of prestige, this authentic blend of mangoes, raisings, onions, tamarinds, tomatoes, peppers and spices is a trustworthy stalwart to be kept on hand at all times. Use it wherever a touch of spice is required. Vegan, Sodium free, Low-Carbos, Fresh produce, (no fructose corn syrup).12oz.

busha browne

Busha Browne
Jamaican JERK Seasoning
Busha Browne Spicy Jerk Sauce
Planters Spicy Steak Sauce
Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce
Spicy & Hot Pepper Sherry

About Jamaican Cooking

Baked Ham with Busha's Original Hot Pepper Jelly

1 - Baked Ham with bone
Whole cloves to cover surface of ham
1/4 - cup prepared Dijon mustard
3 - cups Pineapple Juice
1/2 - cup Busha Browne's Original Pepper Jelly

Rub skinned, scored ham with prepared Dijon mustard and spread with the Pepper Jelly. Dot with cloves. Place ham in roasting pan and add pineapple juice. Bake in oven preheated to 350°F (180°C) for an hour basting frequently. Skim fat from pan juices and pour juices into a sauceboat. Accompany ham with mustard, additional Pepper Jelly, or Busha Browne's Chutneys and pan juices.

Busha Browne's Marinated Picnic Chicken

3lb - Chicken, cut into serving pieces
1 - tsp Olive oil
2 - tsp Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk Sauce
1/4 - cup Stone ground yellow cornmeal
Busha Browne's Original Spicy Planters Sauce

Mix the Spicy Jerk Sauce, olive oil and cornmeal together to make a paste. Rub well into chicken pieces and refrigerate overnight in airtight container. Carry to the picnic site in an ice chest and cook over barbecue

jamaican jerk seasoning

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